Breadbin – Matte Grey with Rose Gold Lid Plus 3 Piece Matching Canister Set
31st Mar 2021
Canister Set Stainless Steel-3 Piece
31st Mar 2021
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Canister Set Stainless Steel With Oval Window-4 Piece


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These canisters offer extensive storage for rice, cereal, pasta and any boxed pantry items to preserve freshness and minimize clutter

Glass is a healthier alternative over plastic storage; does not discolor or leach chemicals into the food

Stainless steel lids are screw-tight

Stainless windows lets you see inside

Offering twist on and off covers

Handwash only and air dry

These stainless steel canisters feature glass windows that allow you to look inside them without opening them, making it easy to know which one holds what you are looking for. The canisters are highly durable and include screw-tight lids that will keep your dried goods fresh for much longer.

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Weight 12 kg